Here are some great resources for SCD food:

  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle Website - The starting point. Has everyone else noticed the awesome new layout over there? It looks so great I emailed the webmaster. 
  • Digestive Wellness - Amazing resource for buying SCD food and ingredients. Buy the granola. Buy ALL the granola! Also, cherry preserves. Finely ground blanched almond flour. Barbecue sauce. Ketchup. Sure, I can make some of those myself, but I want to support their business and maybe not spend 3 hours making ketchup. 
  • Mrs. Ed's Research and Recipes - I love her recipes. Alex eats the "Nana Bread" for breakfast every. day. 
  • Gluten Free SCD and Veggie - Love this blog. I'm a vegetarinan, Alex is on the SCD. This is the blog that gives us a meal we can share together. 
  • - Great resource, one of the first places to start and get acquainted with cooking SCD.
  • Against All Grain - Amazing resource. SCD and paleo recipes. I want to make them all. Seriously, professional caliber food and photography. Have I mentioned I'm a little jealous?
  • - Lots of recipes and resources.
  • Heal ~ Balance ~ Live - Love this blog, it really helped me get more creative. 
  • Comfy Belly - I want to try that "corn"bread stuffing. And basically everything else. 

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